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Code Condition

00000 successful completion
01000 warning
01001 cursor operation conflict
01002 disconnect error
01003 null value eliminated in set function
01004 string data - right truncation
01005 insufficient item descriptor areas
01006 privilege not revoked
01007 privilege not granted
01008 implicit zero-bit padding
01009 search condition too long for info schema
0100A query expression too long for info schema
02000 no data
07000 dynamic SQL error
07001 using clause does not match parameter specs
07002 using clause does not match target specs
07003 cursor specification cannot be executed
07004 using clause required for dynamic parameters
07005 prepared statement not a cursor specification
07006 restricted datatype attribute violation
07007 using clause required for result fields
07008 invalid descriptor count
07009 invalid descriptor index
08000 connection exception
08001 SQL client unable to establish SQL connection
08002 connection name in use
08003 connection does not exist
08004 SQL server rejected SQL connection
08006 connection failure
08007 transaction resolution unknown
0A000 feature not supported
0A001 multiple server transactions
21000 cardinality violation
22000 data exception
22001 string data - right truncation
22002 null value - no indicator parameter
22003 numeric value out of range
22005 error in assignment
22007 invalid date-time format
22008 date-time field overflow
22009 invalid time zone displacement value
22011 substring error
22012 division by zero
22015 interval field overflow
22018 invalid character value for cast
22019 invalid escape character
22021 character not in repertoire
22022 indicator overflow
22023 invalid parameter value
22024 unterminated C string
22025 invalid escape sequence
22026 string data - length mismatch
22027 trim error
23000 integrity constraint violation
24000 invalid cursor state
25000 invalid transaction state
26000 invalid SQL statement name
27000 triggered data change violation
28000 invalid authorization specification
2A000 direct SQL syntax error or access rule violation
2B000 dependent privilege descriptors still exist
2C000 invalid character set name
2D000 invalid transaction termination
2E000 invalid connection name
33000 invalid SQL descriptor name
34000 invalid cursor name
35000 invalid condition number
37000 dynamic SQL syntax error or access rule violation
3C000 ambiguous cursor name
3D000 invalid catalog name
3F000 invalid schema name
40000 transaction rollback
40001 serialization failure
40002 integrity constraint violation
40003 statement completion unknown
42000 syntax error or access rule violation
44000 with check option violation
60000 system errors
61000 resource error
62000 multi-threaded server and detached process errors
63000 Oracle*XA and two-task interface errors
64000 control file, database file, and redo file errors;
archival and media recovery errors
65000 PL/SQL errors
66000 SQL*Net driver errors
67000 licensing errors
69000 SQL*Connect errors
72000 SQL execute phase errors
82100 out of memory (could not allocate)
82101 inconsistent cursor cache: unit cursor/global cursor mismatch
82102 inconsistent cursor cache: no global cursor entry
82103 inconsistent cursor cache: out of range cursor cache reference
82104 inconsistent host cache: no cursor cache available
82105 inconsistent cursor cache: global cursor not found
82106 inconsistent cursor cache: invalid Oracle cursor number
82107 program too old for runtime library
82108 invalid descriptor passed to runtime library
82109 inconsistent host cache: host reference is out of range
82110 inconsistent host cache: invalid host cache entry type
82111 heap consistency error
82112 unable to open message file
82113 code generation internal consistency failed
82114 reentrant code generator gave invalid context
82115 invalid hstdef argument
82116 first and second arguments to sqlrcn both null
82117 invalid OPEN or PREPARE for this connection
82118 application context not found
82119 connect error; can't get error text
82120 precompiler/SQLLIB version mismatch.
82121 FETCHed number of bytes is odd
82122 EXEC TOOLS interface is not available
90000 debug events
99999 catch all
HZ000 remote database access

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